Hi, I'm Jared Proffitt

I'm a programmer in Texas. I work mostly with Django and iOS. I also do Android, frontend, and pretty much anything else.


Just a few things to know about me

Where I live

I live right outside Dallas, Texas. I'm a huge Dallas Stars fan. And no, I don't care about the Cowboys.

Where I work

I work for Worthwhile. A company in Greenville, SC that builds custom web and mobile apps.

What I do

Django web apps, iOS apps, Android apps, frontend work, and anything else that is thrown at me.

Some achievements

Won first place in Django Dash 2013 on a team with Nathanial Pardington and Dan Dietz.

I'm online

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

Nothing else

That's it. You know all about me now. Eventually I'll show some projects I've worked on.


Sometimes I write about stuff

Migrating Umbraco CMS users to Django

Nov. 26, 2014

I recently was tasked with importing an ASP.net db backup file into Django with Postgres. Besides the frustrating hassle of using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to export ~7000 rows of users into a CSV file so I could load it into Django, I had to figure out what to...

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Fabric Bolt: Deploying Made Awesome

Sept. 7, 2014

Fabric Bolt is simply a web interface to Fabric. Which allows non-developers to be able to deploy, like say, once the client has approved a change, and it has been tested on a dev server.

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New website, finally.

Sept. 6, 2014

Well after years of having a website that I made in college being on the web, I finally decided to get a real site up and running. The old one was pretty terrible (although when I made it, I thought it was pretty much amazing), it was written in plain...

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Feel free to contact me anytime

Get in touch

Got a question for me? Want to see if there is something I can do for you? Just want to say hi? Drop me a message right here. I'll try to get back to you whenever I can.