New website, finally.
Sept. 6, 2014

Well after years of having a website that I made in college being on the web, I finally decided to get a real site up and running. The old one was pretty terrible (although when I made it, I thought it was pretty much amazing), it was written in plain PHP, with most pages just static html. It had a "blog" which was actually also just static html files.

Now, I made a new one using Python, Django, and Django-Zinnia. So at least the backend is much better. Not sure if the front end is any better... I'm not a designer. (just grabbed a $4 dollar bootstrap template somewhere)

This time, I also have a somewhat real blogging platform, so hopefully that will encourage me to write more. I'm not a writer, and don't claim to be good at it, but I'll give it a try. I will mostly write about things I learn with Django, iOS dev, and other similar things.

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